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Getting Started

  • Apartment Hunting 101
  • Best Boston Neighborhoods for College Students based on T Stops and Rent Trends
  • Boston Zoning (No more than 4!)

    Five or more students sharing an apartment, single family house or any other dwelling unit, is a violation of the zoning code.

  • Guide to Renting in Boston
  • Neighborhoods

    For the art student, Boston offers a stimulating environment in which to work and study. It is a leading center of educational and artistic resources. Finding a place to live in a major metropolitan area such as Boston can seem overwhelming, especially with the multitude of neighborhoods and wide differences in rental units. No matter where you look, the search for housing in Boston can be intense, with thousands of students, young professionals, and families seeking a limited number of rentals. Don't wait for people to call you, or hope they will call you back. Be aggressive, without being rude.

  • Off-Campus Housing 101
  • RentSmart

    Does the property I'm looking at have issues? RentSmart compiles data from ISD and 311 to give renters access to property violations, maintenance requests that provide prospective renters and homeowners with data about Boston’s properties. RentSmart Boston compiles data from BOS:311 and the City’s Inspectional Services Division to give prospective tenants a more complete picture of the apartments they are considering renting. The tool prompts users for an address and generates a report to assist prospective tenants in understanding any previous issues with the property, including:

    • Housing violations
    • Building violations
    • Enforcement violations
    • Housing complaints
    • Sanitation requests and/or
    • Civic maintenance requests